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City of Philadelphia Stormwater Management Guidance Manual

The Philadelphia Stormwater Management Guidance Manual has been created to assist developers in meeting the requirements of the Philadelphia Stormwater Regulations. The manual is intended to lead developers through the requirements and expectations of PWD in terms of stormwater management. The manual provides guidance for the entire site design process, beginning with initial site design considerations, through the post-construction stormwater management plan submittal elements, and ultimately the acquisition of stormwater plan approval. Tools are provided to assist in completion and submittal of a stormwater management plan consistent with the intent of the City. They include flowcharts to guide the developer through the process, worksheets to assist with calculations, and checklists to ensure the plan is complete. These tools work together to address stormwater management on the development site from concept to completion.

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Full Manual (PSMGM V2.1.pdf) (revised February 10, 2014) 33MB

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