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Within PWD Private Development Services, the Stormwater Inspections program is responsible for inspection of private development projects during construction that have been designed and permitted to meet the PWD Stormwater Regulations. Throughout construction, PWD inspectors will visit the site to confirm the Post-Construction Stormwater Management (PCSM) and Erosion & Sedimentation (E&S) Control systems are installed according to the Approved Plans. Below is a timeline with key resources that are needed through construction.

Preconstruction Meeting

A preconstruction meeting is required for all projects in the Development Compliance and Retrofit Review Paths. Please contact PWD Stormwater Inspections (215)-685-6387 at least 7 days before the start of construction to schedule a preconstruction meeting. Be sure to have the PWD tracking number. 

Active Construction Inspections

PWD Stormwater Inspections will visit the site frequently to ensure that adequate E&S measures are in place and construction is proceeding according to the approved PCSMP. Some things to keep in mind during construction: 

  • Follow best practices in installing and maintaining erosion and sediment control measures to prevent sediment, debris, trash, and concrete washout from entering inlets and stormwater management practices (SMPs)
  • Minimize vehicle traffic over and around SMPs
  • Minor weir and orifice changes can significantly impact an SMPs performance
  • PWD must be notified of additional work or changes in scope. 
  • Significant modifications may require a Field Change to be submitted to Stormwater Plan Review as described in Section 2.3.1 of the Philadelphia Stormwater Management Guidance Manual (Manual). 

Active Construction Resources

There are common permits that may be needed during construction that are issued by other PWD Units and City Agencies. Contact these units directly with additional questions. 

Construction Closeout

  • A Final Inspection is required for every project and it must be held before buildings are occupied. You can schedule a Final Inspection when a phase is completed or when a subcontractor has completed all their stormwater work by contacting your assigned inspector or by calling 215-685-6387. 
  • A construction certification package is created by the design engineer during the review process and must be completed by the contractor or owner’s designee. Certification package sections for individual SMPs must be submitted upon completion of individual systems. 
  • Record Drawings are required for every project. The design professional or contractor can submit signed drawings to PWD for review at: 

Philadelphia Water Department
GSI Implementation Unit
Private Development Services
1101 Market St, 5th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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