Philadelphia Water Department

Pilot Projects

The Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) encourages the development of innovative stormwater management practices that advance the quality of the City’s waterways.  To support this, PWD is willing to review and accept proposals for systems and products that are new and/or have not been demonstrated locally for compliance with the Stormwater Regulations.

When considering new technologies other than those currently detailed in the Philadelphia Stormwater Management Guidance Manual, the applicant is encouraged to reach out to PWD Stormwater Plan Review early in the planning process, prior to submission of the ERSA Application, in order to discuss the eligibility and submittal requirements associated with those technologies.

If you are interested in piloting an innovative technology with an upcoming project, please contact Stormwater Plan Review at for more information.

Please note that PWD reserves the right to decline the use of innovative technology as part of a project’s strategy for meeting the Stormwater Regulations based on an evaluation of the technology’s characteristics and capabilities, as well as site conditions.