Philadelphia Water Department

Proprietary Products

Proprietary media filter products or low flow devices may be incorporated into stormwater management designs to meet PWD’s Stormwater Regulations. PWD has reviewed the following products and determined that they meet the requirements of the Stormwater Regulations. Designers may also use products not listed here, but must demonstrate compliance with the Stormwater Regulations.

The City cannot recommend specific stormwater management products or product manufacturers. The inclusion of a product on this list is not an endorsement and may not work for every project. Designers should refer to the capacities and flow rates associated with the models (sizes) of the products, as sizing criteria is integral to the verified performance of these products.  Attention should be given to the necessary maintenance requirements of each product for evaluation of appropriateness with the property owner.

Media Filter Products

PWD’s Stormwater Regulations require that 100% of runoff that cannot infiltrate into the ground be routed through an acceptable pollutant-reducing practice. Filter products reduce pollutant levels by removing sediments, metals, hydrocarbons, and other pollutants from stormwater. PWD requires that filter products reduce the effluent event mean concentration of total suspended solids (TSS) to 15 mg/L or below. Filters must be evaluated on a project-specific basis since site conditions, such as sediment loading and/or drainage area size, can impact a device’s ability to meet PWD’s Stormwater Regulations.

All proprietary practices proposed for use on a project must be evaluated and accepted for removal efficiency using the standards of the following stormwater management practice evaluation systems: the State of Washington Technology Assessment Protocol - Ecology (TAPE), or the New Jersey Corporation for Advanced Technology (NJCAT). PWD will also accept third-party testing and documentation, if available, that proves that the product can meet this requirement. PWD has reviewed these sources and included products that are able to meet these requirements in the Reviewed Media Filter Products table.

An example of a media filter in Philadelphia
Reviewed Media Filter Products
Company Product Filter Type Verifying Source

AquaShield Inc.


Media Filter


Baysaver Technologies, Inc.


Cartridge Filter


Contech Stormwater Solutions

Filterra System

Media Filter


Stormwater Management StormFilter

Cartridge Filter


Contech Stormwater Solutions/ Imbrium Solutions

Jellyfish Filter Cartridge Filter NJCAT

Hydro International Inc.

Up-Flo Filter

Cartridge Filter


Kirstar/Oldcastle Precast, Inc.

FloGard Perk Filter

Cartridge Filter


Royal Environmental Services

Ecostorm plus treatment train

Cartridge Filter


StormwateRX, LLC


Media Filter


Torrent Resources

Maxwell Plus Drainage

Gravity Filter


ACF Environmental

FocalPoint Media Filter 3rd Party Testing

Lane Enterprises

StormKleener Cartridge Filter NJDEP
Low Flow Devices

PWD's Stormwater Regulations require that 100% of the runoff that cannot infiltrate into the ground in a combined sewer area must be released from the site at a maximum of 0.05 cubic feet per second (cfs) per acre of associated DCIA.  PWD requires that low flow devices, or proprietary rate control products, meet this peak release rate requirement.  Rate control products will be evaluated based on engineering specifications, specifically the rate curves provided by the manufacturers of such products.  PWD will also accept third-party testing and documentation, if available, that proves that the product can meet this requirement.  Products that have been reviewed by PWD are listed in the Reviewed Low Flow Devices table. 

An example of a low flow device in Philadelphia
Reviewed Low Flow Devices
Company Product

Contech Stormwater Solutions

Vortex Valve

Hydro International

Hydro-Brake Optimum Flow Control

HYNDS Environmental

Hydro-Brake Optimum


Cyclone Flow Regulator CEV




Hydrovex Pond Vortex Flow Regulator

Don’t see a product listed here? Email PWD at with the required pertinent product documentation as described above and PWD will periodically update the list.