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E. Plan and Report Checklists

E. Plan and Report Checklists

Section 2.3 provides Review Phase Submission Package checklists as well as detailed guidance on the submission process. Appendix E includes checklists itemizing the submittal requirements of plans and reports required for Review Phase Submission Packages. By ensuring that plans and reports meet the requirements identified in each checklist, the applicant can streamline his or her project's Review Phase.

Table E-1: General Plan Sheet Requirements

Table E-2: Existing Conditions Plan Requirements

Table E-3: Conceptual Stormwater Management Plan Requirements

Table E-4: Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Requirements

Table E-5: Standard Erosion and Sediment Control Notes

Table E-6: Standard Sequence of Construction Notes

Table E-7: Post-Construction Stormwater Management Plan Report Requirements

Table E-8: Record Drawing Requirements

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