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Table E-2: Existing Conditions Plan Requirements




General plan presentation requirements listed in Table E-1


Name of owner and designer


Site address (must match current Philadelphia Office of Property Assessment (OPA) records)


Location map including site location within watershed(s)


Property lines, all metes, bounds, boundaries, dimensions, building lines, and setbacks (must match current OPA records)


Street lines, street names, lot names, easements, other land divisions, and their purposes and confirmed locations


Location and boundaries of all existing rights-of-way, easements, cartway widths for all streets and private roads, and drainage rights-of-way


Location and size of all existing site features and impervious areas within 25 feet of the proposed earth disturbance even if those features are on an adjacent property


Location of all existing active and abandoned utilities (water, sewer, stormwater), including stormwater management practices above and below ground


Identification of the nearest watercourses/water bodies (within 100 feet)


Existing topography of site (contours, sub-basins, etc.) in two-foot contour intervals (minimum) on-site and on adjacent lands within 25 feet of the property line and on the full width of abutting public lands, and private rights-of-way and easement(s)


Identification of any special features of the site (natural depressions, natural berms, flood plains, etc.)


Identification of the type and extent of vegetation, and the location and species identification of any trees that measure greater than six inches diameter at breast height


Location and boundaries of proposed demolition, including all structures and pavement to be removed and all utilities to be capped or plugged


Location of any existing on-site disposal systems (septic tanks) and drain fields