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Table E-8: Record Drawing Requirements

Table E-8: Record Drawing Requirements

# Requirement
1 General plan presentation requirements listed in Table E-1 (The preparer of the Record Drawing(s) must prominently display their signature and professional seal, or, in the case of Licensed Contractors, their signature, printed name, business title, company name, and City of Philadelphia Department of Licenses and Inspections Contractor License Number, all of which must be clearly labeled, on each Record Drawing plan sheet.)
2 Labeling on each document as “Project Record” with large, red letters
3 Record Drawing drafting date on each sheet
4 Drawing scale of 1”=50’ or less
5 Information confirmed to be in accordance with the Approved Post-Construction Stormwater Management Plan (PCSMP) highlighted in yellow
6 Information that deviates from the Approved PCSMP highlighted in red
7 Benchmark elevation, description, and location on each plan sheet
8 Horizontal variations greater than one foot shown dimensionally or through stations
9 Vertical elevation variations greater than 0.1 feet shown for all design elevations shown
10 Locations of all proposed stormwater management practices (SMPs) in plan view
11 Distance from lot lines to the constructed SMPs
12 Locations of utilities
13 Spot grade elevations and/or contour lines at one-foot intervals
14 Stormwater flow direction arrows
15 Elevations across dam embankments
16 Elevations at the top of risers
17 Elevations at the invert and rim of all orifice openings in risers and control structures
18 Elevations across emergency spillways
19 Elevations across the bottom of ponds (excluding wet ponds)
20 Elevations for of all inlet and outlet controls
21 Elevations at inverts of all pipes, swales, and drains
22 Measurements and invert elevations for all orifices, weirs, and other flow control devices
23 Pipe and culvert material, length, size, and slope, inlet and outlet locations, and rim and invert elevations
24 Information for any energy dissipation measures
25 Drainage areas for each SMP, if they differ from the Approved PCSMP
26 Detail or cross-section of each SMP with all pertinent elevations labeled