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F. Design Guidance Checklists

F. Design Guidance Checklists

The Philadelphia Water Department's Stormwater Plan Review Design Guidance Checklists contained in Appendix F are a supplemental list of guidelines for Regulatory compliance, plan creation, hydrologic modeling and calculations, and the design of specific stormwater management practices. They are provided to assist in the formation of both sound, compliant stormwater management designs and complete Post-Construction Stormwater Management Plan (PCSMP) submissions. The designer should use the checklists as guidance during the design and calculation stages or as useful quality assurance/quality control checks prior to PCSMP Review Phase submission.

F.1 Stormwater Regulation Compliance

F.2 Post-Construction Stormwater Management Plan

F.3 Erosion and Sediment Control

F.4 Disconnected Impervious Cover

F.5 Infiltration Testing and Soil Assessment

F.6 Hydrologic Model and Calculation Methods

F.7 Bioinfiltration/Bioretention

F.8 Porous Pavement

F.9 Green Roofs

F.10 Subsurface Infiltration

F.11 Cisterns

F.12 Blue Roofs

F.13 Ponds and Wet Basins

F.14 Subsurface Detention

F.15 Media Filters

F.16 Pretreatment

F.17 Inlet Controls

F.18 Outlet Controls

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