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J. Construction Certification Package

J. Construction Certification Package

It is important, both for the property owner and for the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD), to ensure that all stormwater management practices (SMPs) are constructed in strict accordance with the Approved Post-Construction Stormwater Management Plan (PCSMP). The Construction Certification Package (CCP) provides PWD with documentation that SMPs have been properly installed. Consisting of photographs, material receipts, and SMP Construction Certification Forms which must be customized by the design engineer prior to PCSMP approval, the CCP must be kept on-site and completed by a registered professional during construction. Appendix J contains a description of the required CCP documentation and a collection of customizable SMP Construction Certification Forms to be populated with key information during construction and installation.

Construction Certification Package (DOCX)

Construction Certification Package (PDF)

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