Philadelphia Water Department

Chapter 6 - Post-Construction and Operations and Maintenance Guidance

6.3 Stormwater Credits Program

6.3 Stormwater Credits Program

All properties within the city of Philadelphia are charged a monthly stormwater fee. To determine a property’s current monthly stormwater charge, the Philadelphia Water Department’s (PWD's) Stormwater Map Viewer can be used. To assist non-residential, condominium, and multi-family residential customers (more than four dwelling units per parcel) in reducing their stormwater fees, PWD has implemented the Stormwater Credits Program. This program is administered by PWD Stormwater Billing and Incentives, and it provides financial incentives to customers who help the City meet its stormwater management goals by mitigating stormwater runoff using stormwater management practices (SMPs). Property owners who choose to install and maintain functioning SMPs may be eligible for stormwater credits. The Stormwater Credits Explorer can be used to estimate the stormwater credits savings for implementing SMPs. To apply for stormwater credits, a Stormwater Credits Application (Form B) must be completed after construction has concluded.

There is a general application fee; however, for any project that has an Approved PCSMP from PWD, the application fee is waived. Credits expire four years from their effective date. It is the property owner’s responsibility to submit a Stormwater Credits Renewal Application (Form C) at least 30 days before the expiration date. Records of inspections and maintenance activities are required to support credit renewal applications. Applicants are referred to Section 2.2.4 and the PWD Stormwater Retrofit Guidance Manual (2015 or latest version) for more comprehensive guidance.

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