Philadelphia Water Department

Stormwater 101

Stormwater Runoff

The Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) is responsible for maintaining the health of our local waterways, and stormwater runoff is the primary source of pollution in our rivers and streams.  When it rains, stormwater runoff:

  • Contributes to combined sewer overflows;
  • Pollutes our rivers with fertilizers, oil, and sediment;
  • Destroys valuable aquatic and riparian habitat; and
  • Floods homes and businesses.

PWD developed its Stormwater Regulations in response to the challenges that stormwater presents.


Information on why the PWD Stormwater Regulations are important, what they consist of, and how they affect development projects in the City of Philadelphia.

Stormwater Management

Information on stormwater management in the City of Philadelphia and the value green infrastructure provides to property owners.

Stormwater Billing & Retrofits

Information on how PWD administers stormwater billing, how non-residential property owners can reduce their stormwater bill by installing green stormwater infrastructure, and grant funding that is available for such projects.

Green City, Clean Waters and Stormwater Regulations

Information on the Green City, Clean Waters agreement and its relationship to the Stormwater Regulations.