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Stormwater Billing & Retrofits

Stormwater Retrofits for Existing Properties

Retrofitting an existing property to improve stormwater management can result in significant savings on your water bill and might qualify you for a Philadelphia Water Department grant.

An example of a retrofitted property in Philadelphia

Stormwater Retrofit Guidance Manual

The Stormwater Retrofit Guidance Manual is designed for non-residential customers interested in adding cost-saving green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) to their buildings and grounds. The start-to-finish guide includes instructions for picking the best GSI tools, standard details for easy design, ongoing GSI maintenance requirements, and detailed information on available grant programs.

Download the Stormwater Retrofit Guidance Manual.

Grant Opportunities

The City of Philadelphia, through the Philadelphia Water Department and the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) offers stormwater grants to reduce the price to design and install stormwater best management practices on qualified non-residential properties.

Stormwater Management Incentives Program (SMIP)

SMIP provides grants directly to non-residential property owners who want to construct Stormwater Retrofit projects.

Greened Acre Retrofit Program (GARP)

GARP provides grants to contractors, companies or project aggregators who can build large-scale Stormwater Retrofit projects across multiple properties.

For more information, visit the Philadelphia Water Department’s Stormwater Grants page.

Stormwater Credits Explorer

As a digital complement to the Stormwater Retrofit Guidance Manual, the Philadelphia Water Department also offers Credits Explorer, an app that virtually adds GSI tools to non-residential properties and calculates potential savings. This user-friendly, web-based tool makes it easier than ever to see the financial benefits of GSI features like green roofs and porous pavement.

Visit the Stormwater Credits Explorer.

Stormwater Billing

These tools work in conjunction with the Philadelphia Water Department’s Stormwater Billing program, which bills non-residential customers based on the amount of impermeable surface on their property.  Beginning in 2010, Philadelphia’s stormwater charges more accurately reflect the true infrastructure and environmental costs associated with impermeable surfaces and provide the Philadelphia Water Department with capital to fund improvements required by state and federal regulations.

Any property is eligible to pursue and install retrofits; however, only non-residential, condominium, and multi-family properties with more than four units are eligible to receive stormwater credits.