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Water and Sewer Connections

Utility Plan Review  

4th Floor 
1101 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

In accordance with the City of Philadelphia Administrative Code, Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) approval is required to confirm water and sewer availability. The PWD Utility Plan Review program is responsible for confirming water and sewer availability, identifying utility conflicts and/or ROW conflicts, reviewing connection locations and sizes, and identifying other potential issues. The criteria for obtaining a PWD Utility Plan Approval includes, but is not limited to, the following: 

  • Projects that need an L+I Building Permit for New Construction  
  • Projects that need an L+I Site Permit that includes a foundation activity 
  • Projects that are proposing new water or sewer connections to PWD Infrastructure, including changes in service size
  • Projects that are proposing impacts to PWD infrastructure and/or an encroachment into PWD's Right-of-Way  

There may be other circumstances where a submission to Utility Plan Review is recommended to resolve a conflict or other concern related to PWD infrastructure. For those cases, PWD will provide clear instructions to the applicant. 

To initiate the Utility Plan Review, submit using the Project Dashboard. The submitted Utility Plan must meet the criteria identified in the following guidence materials

  1. Utility Plan Checklist,  
  2. PWD Water Meter Installation Standards, and PWD Water Service Line Sizing Model. For the Model,  Tab 1 - Demand Worksheet, Tab 2 - Meter Size Worksheet (verifies the proposed meter size accurately measures peak flows according to PWD Regulations), and Tab 3 - Pressure Worksheet (verifies the pressure available at the furthest fixture meets the minimum pressure required according to the Philadelphia Plumbing Code) must be completed in their entirety.  

The Applicant is instructed to use the most recent version of the above guidance materials when submitting for review. Any updates to these materials will be posted online. Guidance materials were last updated on 2/02/2022.

For additional assistance in creating a Utility Plan, please refer to the Sample Utility Plan. Each item in the Utility Plan Checklist corresponds to a highlighted numeric callout on the Sample Utility Plan, which provides the applicant with a visual example of the required checklist element. 

Applicants proposing private water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer infrastructure within a Condominium or Planned Community must comply the Philadelphia Plumbing Code. The City of Philadelphia Department of Licenses and Inspections (L+I) is responsible for the enforcement of the Plumbing Code and should be contacted with any questions related to the code requirements. In addition, all private infrastructure must be clearly shown and labeled on the Utility Plan for PWD review. 

Utility Plan Approval is valid for two (2) years unless otherwise specified on the approval stamp. If the approval stamp specifies the project is eligible for an extension, a six (6) month extension will automatically be applied for a total of thirty (30) months. 


Water Transport Records

1101 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107


Water Transport Records (WTR) is a key administrative and technical group within PWD that provides numerous services to the development community including:

  • Sprinkler application stamps with current flow test data. To order a flow test, please refer to https://water.phila.gov/pool/files/fire-flow-test-procedure.pdf 
  • Issues pre-permit applications for proposed water and sewer connections to existing City infrastructure. Note that pre-permit applications must be submitted to the Water Desk at L+I (Concourse of the Municipal Services Building - 1401 JFK Blvd) who will issue the actual permit. For more information on the review and approval of sewer connections, see the Sewer Connection and Repair Manual. 
  • Reviews Guaranteed Pavement Information System (GPIS) utility Clearances. 
  • Provides records of existing PWD Infrastructure to property owners, developers, and their agents through Pennsylvania One Call System
  • Receives and supplies flow test orders to the public on behalf of Load Control
  • Inspects new sewer lateral pipe connections and lateral repairs as per the Sewer Connection and Repair Manual
  • Updates contract drawings and connections on existing utility return plans.  

Sewer Facilities Planning (Act 537) 

1101 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Sewage Enforcement Officer: 
Eric Ponert, SEO 

The Pennsylvania Sewage Facilities Act (Act 537, as amended) requires that sewage facilities planning be conducted to confirm PWD’s existing sewer network has the capacity to handle the sewage flow from proposed developments. The first step in the planning process is for the applicant to complete a PADEP Sewage Facilities Planning Module Application Mailer (Mailer). The information contained in the Mailer will allow PWD to determine whether further sewage facilities planning (additional applications, including submissions to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection) is required or if the proposed development qualifies for an exemption or waiver from further sewage facilities planning.